GPRS emergency system for elevators

[ Sos ] Com is a device installed in the elevator car to automatically set, pressing the alarm button (PUSH), a two-way voice communication via a GPRS module from inside the elevator and the call center.

Supported features are:

  • Establish voice calls with the Call Reception Center
  • Receive voice calls from the Call Reception Center
  • Establish a conversation in hands-free mode

Basic description of the equipment

Modern design and highly secure modular concept, the GPRS Module Socket integrated offers the following advantages:

• Mechanical compatibility
• Electrical compatibility
• Software Compatibility APIs
• Standard open USM (Universal Socket Module) to provide new functionalities and communications interfaces (GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi , Ethernet…)
• Possibility for customers to add their own USEM (Universal Socket Expansion Module)

Based on the Socket Module GPRS, 3BYMESA has designed a low cost device capable of automatically establishing a bi-directional voice communication by pressing the alarm button in the cab, between the inside of it and the call attention center (EN 81-28 ), including advanced features such as:

•        Anti-vandal filter (speech technology)
•        Commands serial port, SMS (config, reset, self-test, etc…) BLUETOOTH
•        Local Audio – Remote Audio
•        Auto -test between M2M – Technical
•        Auto-coverage
•        Event Notification (SOS, Alarm End, etc…) Via GPRS – HTTP customer
•        World machine possibilities
•        Inputs, outputs, AD converters, USB interface
•        Bus SPI, bus I2C, bus CAN
•        Auto-test cyclic programmable via GPRS – HTTP customer

Easy installation (GPRS)
• Not depends on the prior existence of a wireline
• Travelling cable on the elevator don’t needed


Easy integration with existing Call Reception Center.

• SOSCOM 8 hilos – Download
• SOSCOM 4 wires – Download
• Audio board 4 wires – Download
• Intercomunicator 4 wires – Download
• Smartcom enlace – Download