GPRS emergency system for elevators

[ Sos ] Com is a device installed in the elevator car to automatically set, pressing the alarm button (PUSH), a two-way voice communication via a GPRS module from inside the elevator and the call center.

Las funcionalidades soportadas por el dispositivo son: Establecer llamadas de voz con la central de atención de averías Recibir llamadas de voz de la central de averías Establecer una conversación en modo manos libres Descripción básica del equipo
alarma gprs ascensores
alarma gprs
alarma gprs ascensores

Supported features are:

  • Establish voice calls with the Call Reception Center
  • Receive voice calls from the Call Reception Center
  • Establish a conversation in hands-free mode

Basic description of the equipment

Modern design and highly secure modular concept, the GPRS Module Socket integrated offers the following advantages:

• Mechanical compatibility
• Electrical compatibility
• Software Compatibility APIs
• Standard open USM (Universal Socket Module) to provide new functionalities and communications interfaces (GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi , Ethernet…)
• Possibility for customers to add their own USEM (Universal Socket Expansion Module)

Based on the Socket Module GPRS, 3BYMESA has designed a low cost device capable of automatically establishing a bi-directional voice communication by pressing the alarm button in the cab, between the inside of it and the call attention center (EN 81-28 ), including advanced features such as:

•        Anti-vandal filter (speech technology)
•        Commands serial port, SMS (config, reset, self-test, etc…) BLUETOOTH
•        Local Audio – Remote Audio
•        Auto -test between M2M – Technical
•        Auto-coverage
•        Event Notification (SOS, Alarm End, etc…) Via GPRS – HTTP customer
•        World machine possibilities
•        Inputs, outputs, AD converters, USB interface
•        Bus SPI, bus I2C, bus CAN
•        Auto-test cyclic programmable via GPRS – HTTP customer

Easy installation (GPRS)
• Not depends on the prior existence of a wireline
• Travelling cable on the elevator don’t needed


Easy integration with existing Call Reception Center.

• SOSCOM 8 hilos – Download
• SOSCOM 4 wires – Download
• Audio board 4 wires – Download
• Intercomunicator 4 wires – Download
• Smartcom enlace – Download