Full electronic engineering laboratory for a complete development of electronic equipment

Our Engineering studies the functional requirements and specifications from our clients and through a robust and competitive design (HW and SW) for an optimum in functionality and costs.

From our manufacturing experience, we optimize the design trying get a product cheaper and of better quality. Our configuration control procedures facilitate the product evolution, providing the following services:

ingeniería prototipos
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Hardware – Design: Electrical diagrams and programmable devices
  • Software and firmware design
  • PCB Design and manufacturing
  • Mechanical design
  • Prototyping development, testing and documentation. DFM analysis
  • Implementation Team
  • Power converters and power supplies

A specific department dedicated to design, manufacture and support of:

Switching Power Supply AC / DC single output and multiple output

DC / DC single output and multiple output

DC / DC redundant

Railway converters DC / DC single output


Inverters DC / AC

All of these devices can be designed to fulfill all customer requirements in terms of physical dimensions and electrical measurements.


Prototyping as a key step in the launch of a product.

Manufacturing express (up to 1 week) trying to reduce the delivery time to make the DFM in the same time to the prototypes manufacturing.

A solvent purchasing and an effective technological capability allows manufacturing the prototypes in the shortest possible time.

Detailed engineering reports fed back to R & D. The prototypes are manufactured in the same facilities with which the products will be manufactured in high volume, avoiding future unnecessary costs and downtime.


Quality in the final product. A 3BYMESA strategic value.

We analyze case by case basis for selecting appropriate means to optimize the best compromise in order to ensuring test coverage and costs.

• Functional Electrical testing (FUT)
• In- Circuit Testing (ICT)
• Boundary scan
• Climatic and Anechoic Chambers
• X-ray equipment