Integrated Electronics manufacturing systems

Our company specializes in engineering, manufacturing and assembly of electronic products and systems.

We offer our services at each stage of the chain of operations: design, prototyping, purchasing, industrial engineering, assembly, testing, integration and logistics.


years of market experience behind us, show us as a highly competitive solution for every need.

Our values


We try to adapt us to customer requirements according to their needs, in the shortest time as possible, anticipating problems or new issues that arise.


Perform just the task correctly on the first try, looking for the lowest overall cost.


To maintain direct and frequent contact with our customers and suppliers.

Commitments: 3bymesa, your industrial partner

3BYMESA engages in every phase of the manufacturing process to the extent necessary in each case, depending on your organization and experience, and each specific project.

An important aspect is to keep a steady and close communication with the customer to meet their organizational priorities, deadlines, product developments and after sale services.

3BYMESA as your industrial partner, will help you to devote engineering resources to innovate their products, instead of dealing with the testing of equipment or tasks of industrialization.

Tecnology and Research

Any electronic equipment must overcome the design and prototyping steps. For us it is important to try to achieve the best balance that ensures the lowest cost with the best delivery and quality for each design, involving in the project as its industrial partner.