A distinctive feature is the design according to customer need, manufacture and import of all kinds of coils, transformers and magnetic components.

More than 30 years of experience in the business as one of the main references in the field winding. Our engineering can design coils and transformers with any pattern that meets the specific needs of the customer, using different nuclei forms, laminations, toroidal coils in the air, as well as encapsulated materials … ferrite, iron powder, nanocrystalline, steel siliceous, nickel alloys, ect.

Power converters transformers

Transformers broadband

Pulse Transformers

Toroidal transformers

Transformers – network


Common mode chokes

Differential mode chokes

Output Shocks

Adjustable Inductors

We can also offer using a technical documentation or drawings from the customer property, or by physical signs, prototypes and pre-series and series. Seeking lower costs for our customers, we have a factory in Asia for long series, with the same quality standards and manufacturing engineering from 3bymesa.