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sl3 experiencia bobinado

Integrated Electronic
Manufacturing Services EMS.

Your industrial partner
sl3 experiencia bobinado

We create magnetic components
according your need

More than 30 years
designing and manufacturing
transformers and coils
sl3 experiencia bobinado
Safety lifts Technology
sl3 experiencia bobinado

From the idea to the product

Electronic Manufacturing
Services EMS.
Integral 3bymesa

Integrated Services

In 3bymesa we will adopt your project idea, helping to carry it out to the extent required, from engineering, purchasing or Manufacturing.
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SOSCOM 3bymesa

Engineering and electronics manufacturing

According to our determination and commitment to R & D , we also develop own products that allow us to go ahead, such as SOSCOM. 
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Calidad 3bymesa

Commitment: Quality

All our products undergo stringent quality controls, adapted to the specifications of each sector and the plans approved by each client.
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Latest News

SOSCOM LTE. La nueva Telealarma 4G de bajo coste.

SOSCOM 4G- LTE 3bymesa lanza al mercado una nueva Telealarma 4G, con la garantía de calidad de 3bymesa y bajo coste,

Programa de Reindustrialización y Fomento de la Competitividad Industrial

3Bymesa ha desarrollado de manera exitosa durante el periodo 2018-2021 el proyecto con título “3Bymesa Fase 2” y número de

Sectors in which we operate

Nowadays 3bymesa is serving its products to clients of different industrial sectors like: